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Truth…hurts? or helps?

Jay Chou’s new music album <November’s chopin> is being released. As hif faithful fun, I got the illegal songs at the first time. shame on me. I even don’t know he was going to released a new ablum. 尝试着听了些,喜欢其中的两首。其中之一当然是很早就有试听版本的《夜曲》.歌词如下   … Continue reading

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Wake me up when October ends.

It’s the first time for me to hear of the song from "Chef’s salad" blog. Later on, I pay more attention on it when listening to local station. Steadily, I like it. Shaomei asked me what the song was about.Shame … Continue reading

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My new iron set

Finally, I got my new iron set – Taylormade 320.   TM320 is TM company’s 2002-2003 models, the same as my 200 set.   I like my 200 set, but I just think I need a steel shaft instead of … Continue reading

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fitness plan

目的是为增加swing power和flexibility.根据前辈的经验:swing power=power+swing speed.power容易理解,swing speed该如何训练呢?我的理解是增加爆发力的训练,这个谁有心得呢?flexibility还不知道如何训练,基本上,我只是重复warm-up flexibility routine. 目标:争取我driving distance 能reach 260的carry。也就是说,比现在多20yards.(似乎这个目标有点低。)并且增加5-10 pounds体重。至于如何测体内的脂肪成分我就不知道了。也就没办法给出这个目标了。how about 5%? schedule and duration: 1 and half hour, every other day. 我训练的重点:腿部,背部,腹部, 腰部,大臂,胸部。 主要的routine和weight for each item: 我最喜欢的增加力量的方式是:负重深蹲。 可是没人保护太容易受伤了。 1. 伏地挺身 4 set*25 (我以前每组可以做35的。)2. 仰卧起做 4 set*15 … Continue reading

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china tournament

发信人: ET (Go on. Be a Tiger.), 信区: Golf标  题: china tournament发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Tue Oct 25 13:51:34 2005), 站内   广东卫视上午有转播一些中国的golf tournament。没看上头,也没看上尾,没看上tee box shot,也没看上pros fairway hit.   看到了中国第一哥张连武在green上的一点点表现,一个eagle机会变成了par。还看到了其他几位选手,想必他们都是在第一group.                                                                                                                        还有看到caddie大多都是女的。似乎只看到了一位选手,他的caddy是男的,似乎是位职业caddy。   还有,不知道这是第几个round,似乎他们的成绩都不错,从-11到-5。                                                                                                                        comment他们的putting green表现,如果按照教科书或以pga top player为参照的话,他                                      们的green reading, setup, stoke … Continue reading

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some comment after reading golf digest 2005.5, and 9.

2005.9. Tiger Wood’s coach, Hankey ( I might spell the name wrong) mentioned: for most amaturers, hybrid clubs are necessary. Motivated by this word, I bought Taylormade Rescue Mid 3 iron. It’s my first day to use it today. I like … Continue reading

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with 2 mullgans, can you play par game?

I am thinking about it. Within 2 mullgans, can I play par game? I was still struggling with my swing. As I mentioned, what I trust in the last month was just lost in the past week. I know I … Continue reading

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