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Unleash your power

 Charles Howell III, 5’11”, 155 lbs and 31” waist, average driving distance: 296 yards. This issue of Men’s Health , May  2006’s used him as the example for the story "Unleashyour power, Want to add 30 yards to your drive? start … Continue reading

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Fitness, Fitness!!

Fitness这个话题又再次被提上日程。转载一些发表在freegolfinfo.com上的讨论先…….         Here are a few exercises to try that should challenge you pretty well that will increase your power too. Squat Cable Pulley Row: Grab a cable pully with one arm. While holding the pully, squat … Continue reading

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敲出这个题目微微汗颜呀, 追蔡依林这样的星星似乎已经不是uncle我应该做的事。   不过,诚实得讲,当初我还是喜欢过她的,喜欢她那双大眼睛,很纯净的眼睛。   她第一张专辑完全都是靡靡之音嘛,只记得一首“我知道你很难过”。后来听过几首周杰伦为她作曲的歌,“骑士精神”,“布拉格广场”,还有她个人著名的“爱情三十六计”“love love love”"看我72变“”爱情36计“等,她就重新回到了我的记忆里。   - - 好痛苦!实为赋新诗强说愁,真不如写我流水周末+ golf来得轻松自在。 不管了。 俺的周末就是这样度过的。 星期六,早起,很早的早起。实际上过了凌晨2点就再没睡着过,今天老板的老板邀我打GOLF。   俺到不是因为他而睡不着,俺有心事。   总之就是没睡着。我们约好了6点半在公司门口见面,那孙子让我等了近30分钟, 这样也导致了我接下来安排泡汤了一半。   2 birdies for the last 2 holes are only remarkable things for this round.   A senior who … Continue reading

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amazing juggling finale


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I am a golfer!

quote from "Taylormade commerical ‘I am a golfer’ " I am a golfer. I love this game. Its history is my history. Its rules are my laws. The course is my home. Golfers are my family. ->Launch "I am … Continue reading

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YY lover story (1)

花点时间码点中文。 今天给大家YY一个爱情故事。   —————————————————————————- 2005年的春天,我在NEW JERSEY一家start-up公司实习。   我每天的工作很轻松,这样我都会准点回家,如果我老板不找我聊天的话。   开车回家的半路,我会在Fairway golf course停下来,花一个半小时击一筐球。   这家golf course assocated golf pro shop很有些名气,所以会有很好的demo产品,teaching professionals。 在5位teaching professionals中, 有三位是韩国人。   韩国人很热衷于golf运动。他们有PGA TOUR中成绩不错的K.J. CHOI,还有如今如日中天的韩国裔tennage Michelle Wie,当然,更多的是LPGA(ladies professional golf association) 中竟然有21位南韩选手。   插一句,前些日子看了一个PGA TOUR的专题:International players in the PGA。PGA … Continue reading

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fade or draw

Uploaded several photos of several celebrities: Bill, Richard, Whisper, Southill and Speedsky.   How come do I call them celebrities?!   Life is as usual. Nothing new happend in the past week.Let me think hard to name a few:1)It looks … Continue reading

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