fade or draw

Uploaded several photos of several celebrities: Bill, Richard, Whisper, Southill and Speedsky.
How come do I call them celebrities?!
Life is as usual. Nothing new happend in the past week.Let me think hard to name a few:
1)It looks like that it’ possible for me to pay my car loan off in a short time.
2)Got tax return, got >10% 401k investment return. In the meantime, the company’s stock keeps going down.
It doesn’t sound good.
Sorry. The follwing is still about my golf.
Nut, nut, nuts!!!
It’s the floating holiday of company last Friday. Co-worker Howard planed it even 2 weeks ago – play two rounds golf in the single day.
Unfortunately, it wa rainning day, heavy rain. It’s just the time we tried to tee off, rain poured. We still could get full-refund if we quit right now.
Howard insisted on playing. I kept silence. He is 50 years old. I am 29.
Anyway, nothing really need to be complained as long as we both are healthy.
All were high/mid 80’s for the three rounds – terrible results. Course lengh varies from 6800 yards to 6200 yards (par 72/70)
Tee shot were(are) horrible. It turns to be a joke ‘coz  I just said I have consistent driver shot last week.
The most surprising thing is that, I am still able to hit consistent drive at the driving range, then call me driving range king.
Up side:
1) I like my current swing tempo. It looks smooth, much more smooth than before. Two thumbs up.
It does mean, what I try to improve works.
2) I hit long, obviously longer/much longer than before for all clubs.
For irons, I am using 4 iron to reach 200 yards flag, 6 iron to reach 175’s one and 8 iron to reach 150’s one. My 19 degree hybrid easily reaches
the 225 flag, and not mention the 3 woods and driver. By the way, the driving range has a 230 yards length.
Found out Michael Campbell’s yardage and loft sheet (Golfdigest, April, 2006)
Michael Campbell  (yard/loft)                me
Driver 300/9.5 degree                 270/10.5
3-wood 250/13.5 degree                240/15 (not so sure)
Hybrid 230/20 degree                  230/19   
3-iron 215/20.5 degree                don’t know, barely use it.
4-iron 200/23 degree                  200/st  
5-iron 185/26 degree                  190/st
6-iron 175/30 degree                  175/st
7-iron 165/34 degree                  165/st
8-iron 155/38 degree                  150/st
9-iron 142/42 degree                  140/st
PW 135/47 degree                      130/st
SW 118/53.5 degree                    100/53
LW 85/58                              75/58
Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense in terms of my data in the table uncle I could hit the distance accurately and consistently. The fact is what i can do is, 80% distance, 40% accuracy. I did do the sample analysis.
Anyway, the main reason for the distance improvement is the good ball contact with less tenison on my body, also, the full weight shift.
Somehow, I could understand why Tiger is able to hit ball long. 
The new club distance did give me some troulbe when playing courses. Hopefully, I could get used to it soon. 
Then, spent some time on watching those top players swing. Man, they are just doing so perfect.
Check my swing…….. Sigh, say something positive, there is still tons of room to improve.
Let me work on my swing plane and make it flat a little bit for the next week.
Somehow, I unsterstand why i could hit far.
it’s because of the strong setup position.
痛苦选择。 keep it or change it.
the strong setup position doens’t look good at all. it’s much more like Phil’s setup.
I tried to go back some guys like Luke Donald’s, David Toms and Ernie Els’ setup. it sounds i could gain some consistency, with sacrificing some distance.
Honestly, i would comment, setup like Luke Donalds needs perfect time for hitting ball perfect, and strong waist movement. setup like Phils’ is simpler. just sweep the ball.
don’t know what I should do yah. I have never kept a swing for 2 monthes.
Discussed with a senior at the driving range for a while. He also agree that flat swing plane is more consistent. Actually, my downswing plane is perfect. just my backswing plane is steep a little bit.
Check Golf digest 2006.4 issue. it talked how Tiger’s swing changed in the past 9 years.
change is good. the process is full of frusturatation.
working on two things then,
1) setup position
2)flatten the backswing plane. hopefully, i should have my swing taped each week.
读了洁洁今日的几篇文章。有点意外,她写出这样安静的回忆故事。 想起自己的心也曾经平静过些日子… …

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6 Responses to fade or draw

  1. Jie says:


  2. Alison says:

    近来北京天气非常不好. 浮尘严重. 空气中悄然蔓延着黄沙. 如果再风来的话, 沙尘暴必将来临.
    你的这个方法不错, 每次练习都拍照,可以记录自己姿势, 然后自己去研究发现问题, 改进.

  3. Brian says:

    wow, those yardages seem pretty inconsistent and spread out.  i have a laser rangefinder and now i know exactly how far i hit each club carrywise, and its helped my game out a lot.  reasons why the pros have such big yardage gaps is just cause they swing the club much harder than we can.  whats your driver ss?  i\’m curious.   

  4. PizzleNut says:

    wow liang you hit as far as the pros now, congrats.  but just one thing.. the yardages that the pro lists are their "carry" yardages.  are your yardages, carry yardages or the total yardages including roll?  because 270 carry usually means 290 yards drives..
    also don\’t ever go by the driving range yardages man.. it\’s not true.. i\’ve carried my 9 iron at the 150 yard sign at the ranges plenty of times.. but i know it\’s not really 150.  at eagledunes, i\’ve onced drived on a very short par 4, 340 yards. and have 60 yards left to the pin..which means i would have to hit a 280 yard drive, 260-270 carry… now did i really hit a 260 carry drive? no, because i can only carry my drives around 230, with my 89 mph driver SS.  So sometimes even the numbers on the course are wrong.  Launch monitor at the golf stores are far more accurate.
    i like your finish in that pic.  very nice.

  5. PizzleNut says:

    i don\’t know why the post below didn\’t show my name, this is Varin by the way..

  6. Liangjun says:

    to jayzhang, thanks. 都是些小事,生活上的,工作上的,学习上的,全拧一块就特别闹心。
    to alison: 姑娘真是冰雪聪明呀。知道我是从新街口猜到你可能是在南京的结论。你们可怜的人呀。记得有年春天在北京,清华大学门口的某个立交桥上,忽然狂风大作,灰尘漫天,我当时真有从桥头上跳下去的冲动 - 似乎没怎么见过那阵势呀。
    to B. Vo, i agree with ur instinct judegment. Actually, the yardarge of my each club bothers me a lot recently.  I got those numbers by two ways, one is the driving range, the other is each hole i played, espceially, those par 3s. Since I played at several different driving range, somehow i trust my current number. As I mentioned, i just found out the reason i could hit long. there is a tradeoff between long hitting capbablity and consistence, that\’s my current understanding.
    Since 4 iron and 3 iron are byeond my eyes judgement, i gave a rough number for the two clubs. somehow, i am confident of the rest clubs. like most of the time, i am using my 5 iron to play those 190+ par 3.
    as i mentioned, i have several golf buddies who are playing for local high school and community college, i hit longer and my ball flies better than them. even those teaching profesiional of local course give me lots of credit when i am at drving range.
    I am using King Cobra 440cc sz with regurla shaft. I am able to hit this club. it\’s true. when i hit it far, i deloft it. it means that ball doens\’t go high. there are several holes i drive for green which give me the distance, like one is 308, down wind a little bit. 280 aginst wind, something like that. u\’re right. my ball rolls a lot. the pure carry could be 240 \’czo the drinv range is 230 ards. my ball hit the net of range.
    rangfinder is a good tool. i am thinking to get one. it happens many times that i over green recently.
    man, if u get a chance to take a closer look my ball striking, you could understand more what i am saying. the pure shot really increses the distance. i played with a guy who is looking for the nationwide tour opponrtunity. he knows me.
    to varin, u\’e right. my long driver doen\’t fly high. it rolls a lot. it doen\’t like the perfect tranjectory. i am thining about it right now and try to make it normal. it looks like i lost distance. i didn\’t show the setup picture. man, it\’s a strong setup that my whole body is behind the ball. when i swing it, i sweep the ball. it\’s the reason. it doesn\’t look good, either. i am tyring to change it.
    also thanks for comment. hopefully, i could show u guys soon.

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