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2007年1月,将自己针对golf而做的健身组图拍下以做纪念。   地点:公司Semtech的健身房和球馆。   同时,也是我即将搬出这个自搬到加州来就住进来的地方的最后一个夜晚。   照片见下方。   完整图片解说见这里:     Advertisements

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best round

So I took off early in the afternoon and played a round golf at Sterlinghills golf course.   I teed off from Blue tee, 6398 yards, par 71, rating/slope is 72/138something.   This is the most solid round golf I’ve … Continue reading

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多好才是好 ‘how good is good”

 – The best golfer I’ve met and played with in person: Carl,  Jessi and  Ron Carl, Jessi 和Ron 是我见过并一起打过的最好的高尔夫球员。 Carl,Senior, 近乎70岁,1976年Ventura Country 冠军,在职业选手和继承家族生意之间做出了后者的选择。在我当时的主场Sterling hills (par 71, rating/slope: 72.9/133,  难)打出-1 -我只和他打过那么一轮。在练习场的练习,200个球标准不同flag,只看到一个miss shot。 Jessi, Ron, 北加州的1/0差点的球员,在Hunter Ranch 球场(par 72, 6741, rating/slope : 72.6/136)打出 … Continue reading

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Love is…

Now I know I am a jerk. haha~~   The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. What is it? Love. LOVE: The most wonderful of … Continue reading

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Hold on by Jet   — just listen to the music.  Featured from my favoriate movie " the Spiderman II"   Hold On Artist (band) : Jet You tried so hard to be someoneThat you forgot who you areYou tried to fill … Continue reading

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i am a golfer

感动死了,心里那股暖流哗哗的…….   I play in a regular foursome. I’m a single looking for a game. I get up at hours I’d never consider for any other reason. I’ve raced the sun to get in 18. I have … Continue reading

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The first stage of 2007

2007开始后的2个星期… …   生活依然是同样,心情平静了很多算是一个改变。   每日的规律依然是同样,似乎对时间安排更紧凑了。看看我都在做些什么.     周一到周五 8am – 5pm: 上班一层不变,不再迟到 -即使迟到也无所谓。 5pm-6pm:  Camarillo Springs的高尔夫练习场   6pm-9:00pm: 晚饭,一些阅读,修改书,建网站 9:00pm – 11pm: 周 一 三 五,公司fitness room里健身                        周 二 四, 大多都是在阅读   周六周日的生活大多都围绕着golf,嘿嘿,即使加起来也不会超过4个小时。   ----以上也算答某位同学的问题 ----   fitness … Continue reading

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