byebye – ing, my first and last bimmer

why have I driven it so much ? because this is an ultimate driving machine…


– driver’s review
The 325i grew on me like no other car I’ve ever driven. The more I drove the rear-wheel drive 325i, though, the more enamored I became. The car slices through traffic like a knife. The precise triptronic transmission is so easy to shift that I was always in the right gear. In traffic, the 325i is civilized. Get some open road and you really start wishing for time on the Autobahn. At the upper ends of the speed limit (and, I must confess, a little above the speed limit), the 325i really settles in. Stability at speed breeds confidence in a driver, and the 325i made me feel like I was part of the machine. 
On the luxury side of the equation, the 325i is quiet, smooth and elegant in motion. The sport suspension is firm, but still delivers a comfortable ride. The car is not plush, it doesn’t overwhelm you with standard features — every detail seems designed toward making the driving experience more pure. High end features like rain-sensing windshield wipers, automatic headlight control, automatic climate control all help keep your mind on the road. 



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