Packing and Moving out

Since last Sunday ( Aug. 8, 2010), keep packing, cleaning more than 14 hours per day for 5 days in a row, until now.

yeah, I am moving out. Finally, I made this move.

When I wrote here, I really have to go back, back to 2-year ago, the time I just moved in. Check the following link:

It’s is nice, isn’t it.  I really love it. I woke up early at 8:00am in the morning of every Saturday, and cleaned the house. I did almost everything from carpet to dirt on the grass. 
I kept the house simple. Had the basic furniture, and minimum items. I wanted it look simple, neat and great. 

I had 8 boxes (more or less) when I moved in. Actually, all of my belongs were carried by a BMW 325i when I moved from Los Angeles to Austin. I didn’t add that much,except some furniture and two dogs. I bought some new furniture, they were still great.

————————–some jumping around.thoughts ——————————————-

When I moved out, I still had the 8-12 boxes. some clothes, some kitchen stuff, and some books. 
I need to get the furniture sold.  I need to get the house sold.

————————-jumping again —————————————
After that, I will move back to China. I have to make the move for my future. 

I miss you, mom.
 I am sorry I  have not done anything which will make you be proud of me. 


I told myself that I should learn how to manage my life when I moved out of Los Angeles. I thought I had followed this thought, and I have done decently. 

The past two years were so much beyond my means that I lost this belief.

————————to be continued —————————–

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3 Responses to Packing and Moving out

  1. julia says:

    What is happening? Are you moving back to china?

  2. julia says:

    What is happening? Are you moving back to china?

  3. dian says:

    hey are you here yet? have not heard from you before you leave for TX..

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