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上市了 4525 Pyrenees Pass, Bee Cave, TX 78738 (MLS # 2848220) Request More Info Schedule a Showing Share Print Price $335,000 Beds 4 Baths 3 full baths Home size 2,635 sq ft Lot Size 7,187 sq ft Days on Market … Continue reading

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Packing and Moving out

Since last Sunday ( Aug. 8, 2010), keep packing, cleaning more than 14 hours per day for 5 days in a row, until now. yeah, I am moving out. Finally, I made this move. When I wrote here, I really … Continue reading

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not hit golf balls?

don’t practice; play a few times through the half year. it is just so ok.can’t image it is happening.

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byebye – ing, my first and last bimmer

why have I driven it so much ? because this is an ultimate driving machine… (从craigslist上抄来的) – driver’s review The 325i grew on me like no other car I’ve ever driven. The more I drove the rear-wheel drive 325i, though, … Continue reading

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cs193p – iphone app development

花了近1个星期时间, 将 Stanford University 的 cs193p – iphone application development的课程video过了一遍, 走马观花式。 video在itunes上可以下载。 课程的地址: iphone sdk & development tool Xcode在apple网站可以下载。 课程内容一共有19个video,另外有5个session - 请外面公司人来的做的讲座,有一些挺酷的一些应用,比如bump, yelp’s Monocle。 Monocle技术突破apple设置的壁垒很trick。 bump的关于iphone apps的统计还有很有意思的。 如果你的app有一个review,你就能beat 13万apps(截止到2010年的2月)的一半。 如果你的app有10个review,那么就是top 1万(可能有误), 等等。 列下大纲吧: 1 – Objective -C fundamental 2 – Custom class, … Continue reading

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区里搬来了户新人,来了没两天做了一大动作 - 自己动手把房子一圈的砖涂了色 - 浅色。 这下区里炸了 - 给砖上涂颜色,特别时涂石灰颜色,被认为是多么破坏小区环境和价值的事。人人都向HOA声讨, 气愤HOA竟然答应了这户的要求。还有几户扬言现在就要list房子,说不住这区了。 这下估计是真郁闷了。。

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